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With this award we celebrate the most inspiring adventurers of our time.

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21st Century Adventurer
2021 & 2019


Award 2021

Renan Ozturk
Filmmaker & alpinist

Starting out as a climber, Renan Ozturk found his true calling when he first picked up a camera.
Since then, the photographer and filmmaker has documented stories in the most remote corners of the world for award-winning films.

He will receive the 21st Century Adventurer Award 2021 for his work.


Award 2019

Sarah McNair-Landry
Adventurer & Master Polar Guide

The Canadian polar explorer was chosen by the jury to win the first ever 21st Century Adventurer Award.
Sarah grew up with the Arctic Ocean and a team of dogs in her backyard. She is the youngest person to travel to both the North and South Pole, traverse the Greenland Ice Cap five times, venture into the Gobi Desert, guide an expedition to both the South and North Pole, and more recently kite ski 3,300 km retracing the Northwest Passage.

Being the winner of the 21st Century Adventurer Award 2019, Sarah was part of the EOFT 19/20 with the film "Freedom to Roam".

  • Award 2021

    Award 2021

    Renan Ozturk

  • Award 2019

    Award 2019

    Sarah McNair-Landry

About the award

With this award, we celebrate the most inspiring adventurers of our time, and you help decide which nominee wins!

In the saddle of a touring bike, clicked into backcountry skis, or sending a line up a rock face—the nominees of this year's award find their own way into adventure. They confront physical and mental challenges and experience unforgettable moments. Whether setting new records on a bike, on foot, or in the water, these adventurers of the 21st century are characterized by their curiosity, their courage, and their gift for sharing their unique journeys with us. These touching stories inspire us to seek and find our own adventures!

The 21st Century Adventurer Award comes with a prize of 10,000 euros, which can be used to fund the next expedition.

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